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July ’21 | Wrap Up

So, this month, I’ve been mixing things up a little, trying to balance out my rereads and my first time reads, which I think I’ve been quite successful with. There’s been so many great reads this month, revisiting old characters and meeting new ones, and I’m so happy with how my Reading Challenge is looking!

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Witchy Wednesday | Pick a Card: Monthly Forecast (July ’21)

It’s that time of the month again, it’s time for your Monthly Forecast! For those curious, all you have to do is choose a pile of cards below, scroll to that pile’s subheading and receive this month’s tarot reading. Feel free to drop a comment below of what you thought!

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Character of the Month (July ’20) | Nathan Byrn

Note: This post contains spoilers from the Half Bad Trilogy by Sally Green.

Finally, I’ve encountered a month where the associated character was easy to choose. Although, there was a few torn characters, I knew the series I’d choose immediately; one of my teenage years favourites. Continue reading “Character of the Month (July ’20) | Nathan Byrn”

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July ’18 | Unrelated Favourites

This month is pretty similar to June’s considering I’ve not spent much time at home or by myself to indulge in my other interests. However, there’s a few add-ons and progressions with the things I repeat, so it shouldn’t completely be the same! I haven’t been as invested in movies and television again, having spent the majority of my free-time preparing for YALC by reading. But I’m hoping to return to my Netflix shows in August and September.  Continue reading “July ’18 | Unrelated Favourites”

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Character of the Month (July ’18) | Gabriel Boutin

Yet again, I’m late with this month’s post. I’m starting to think I’m subconsciously trying to reschedule when this post should be uploaded. Nevertheless, I’ve decided to stop my little habit I’ve been having of trying to alter the gender of my characters per month and simply talk about whoever I love whenever. Hopefully, this’ll help my scheduling better as I’m not restraining myself when choosing someone each month. Anyways, rambling aside, onto this month’s character!  Continue reading “Character of the Month (July ’18) | Gabriel Boutin”

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July ’18 | My YALC To Read

This month I’ve already written one To Read, consisting of books I’d like to read while on my holidays to Disneyland Paris. However, as I’m attending the Young Adult Literature Convention (YALC) for the first time at the end of this month, I thought I’d compose a list of books I’d like to read before the event. All these authors will be attending the convention and are holding a signing, so I thought it was best for me to become acquainted with their work beforehand. I’ve already read four books for the event:

But here’s the others I’d like to get through.

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July ’18 | My Disneyland To Read

This month I’ve decided to approach my reading a little differently, with two separate reading lists for different events happening this month. Firstly, I’m heading out to Disneyland Paris this week, so I thought I’d bring a few magical books with me to read while I’m away. The connection to Disney is pretty obvious, but I thought it’d help me get in the spirit!  Continue reading “July ’18 | My Disneyland To Read”