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Witchy Wednesday | Pick a Card: Monthly Forecast (June ’21)

It’s that time of the month again, it’s time for your Monthly Forecast! For those curious, all you have to do is choose a pile of cards below, scroll to that pile’s subheading and receive this month’s tarot reading. Feel free to drop a comment below of what you thought!

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Character of the Month (June ’20) | Kagura Sohma

Note: This post contains spoilers from the Fruits Basket series by Natsuki Takaya.

This month has been quite a difficult one to choose a character for. Considering the current circumstances, it’s been pretty slow and uneventful. However, on social media, there has been a trend where you post a photo of yourself alongside an animated character likewise to you. I chose this character. Continue reading “Character of the Month (June ’20) | Kagura Sohma”

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June ’18 | Wrap Up

This month I’ve finally felt motivated enough to return to my blog and invest myself in creating content properly. Although, I haven’t read as much as I originally planned to, I feel as if I’ve managed to involve myself more in this blog in other ways. Hopefully, things will gradually improve with reading again in July though; things have been a little hectic recently.  Continue reading “June ’18 | Wrap Up”

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Character of the Month (June ’18) | Prompto Argentum

Although, this post is a little late, I’ve still managed to get it done just before the last week of the month, so a small improvement! I’ve decided to dedicate this month’s character to one of my all-time favourite video game characters. Gaming is one of the main activities I’ve done this month, finding it calming and falling in love with all the characters along the way. However, one in particular has a special place in my heart.  Continue reading “Character of the Month (June ’18) | Prompto Argentum”

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June ’18 | To Read

As April and May’s reading didn’t exactly go to plan, I’ve decided to scrap it completely and start afresh this June. My TBR has grown quite a bit since and I’m extremely excited to start some new titles. Most of them aren’t as big as what I’d usually read, but after falling into a bit of slump with the stress of university, it’s probably best to start small before building up to more bigger texts.  Continue reading “June ’18 | To Read”