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February ’20 | Wrap Up

This past month has definitely been one of the most productive I’ve had since returning to my blog after a little break, I managed so much reading and got a lot more content created. There were a few times where I didn’t feel as interested, some of my timings have been off, but overall I’m extremely happy with how this month has gone.

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Monthly Posts · Wrap Up

January ’20 | Wrap Up

One of my goals for the New Year was to start being more productive on this blog, which I think I’ve achieved in the past month. Although, there were a few timing issues, I think I managed it as best as I could have. Besides, it’s only been one month, by the end of the year I might be even more efficient than when I first started! That’s the goal anyway. Continue reading “January ’20 | Wrap Up”

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Top Five Tuesday | Series I’d Like To Start ’19

So, it’s getting closer to the end of the year, and I told myself that this year would be the year for series. However, looking back on what I’ve read this year, there hasn’t been many series I’ve started (or completed) at all. So, I thought I’d dedicate this week to the series I’d love to read, but just haven’t gotten around to yet. Continue reading “Top Five Tuesday | Series I’d Like To Start ’19”