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Top Five Tuesday | Favourite Book to Screen Adaptations

So, since the release of Shadow and Bone on Netflix, I’ve been thinking a lot about the quality of films and television shows that were adapted from books. There’s so many good ones out there, that I thought I’d compose a short list of a few of my favourites.

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Character of the Month (March ’18) | Violet Baudelaire


Note: This post may contain spoilers from Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events series. 

Admittedly, I struggled to find someone for this month, it being difficult to manage my blog, studies and personal life. However, after much consideration I felt it would be a good opportunity to dedicate this month to a character I’ve held dearly since my childhood. Plus, with season 2 of the Netflix adaptation being released this month it felt fitting. Continue reading “Character of the Month (March ’18) | Violet Baudelaire”

Monthly Posts · Top Five Tuesday

Top Five Tuesday | YA Series To Re-Read

This week’s Top Five is dedicated to my old beloved series currently collecting dust on my shelves. I’ve been meaning to read these again for years, yet I have an intimidating pile in my room of books I’ve never read, and they’ve become an automatic priority… even though the pile only ever seems to get bigger.  Continue reading “Top Five Tuesday | YA Series To Re-Read”

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Telling Tales | Books of my Childhood

Each mention may contain spoilers. 

Since I was a child I’ve found solace in books, spending most of my free time within the stories of my favourite authors. After reaching adulthood, I feel it’s time to return to these tales and reminisce of school holidays past. So, in no particular order, here are some of my favourite books as a child.
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