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Top Five Tuesday | One-Sitting Reads (YA)

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts, I’ve been struggling to think of what to talk about. Thankfully, I was scrolling through my Goodreads favourites and saw how quickly I read a few of them and decided to talk about those. As I’ve talked about characters a bit recently, I thought I’d dedicate this week to books I loved so much I read in one-sitting.  Continue reading “Top Five Tuesday | One-Sitting Reads (YA)”

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February ’18 | Wrap Up

This month has gone by so quickly that I found myself getting confused by scheduled blog posts and missing a fair amount of personal deadlines. No matter, there’s always March to try and get myself back on board. A.K.A the scheduled university assignment month. I refuse to allow myself to be behind anymore!  Continue reading “February ’18 | Wrap Up”

Monthly Posts · Top Five Tuesday

Top Five Tuesday | Favourite M/M Couples in YA

This Top Five may contain spoilers.

Due to unrelated circumstances, I ended up missing last week’s Top Five, which got me quite down as I find these posts the most fun to make. However, it ended up working in my favor as I’ve been planning this post for Valentines for so long.  Continue reading “Top Five Tuesday | Favourite M/M Couples in YA”