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Top Five Tuesday | Worst Reads of 2017

Considering I did the best of 2017 last week, I felt like it was only fair to do the worst this time. Plus, January is full of reminiscing before creating new bookish memories the rest of the year!  Continue reading “Top Five Tuesday | Worst Reads of 2017”

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Telling Tales | Independent Study Reading List 

As a third year university student, I have the misfortune to partake in my degree dissertation, or what my course refers to as an ‘Independent Study’. However, as I’m studying Creative Writing, I get to write a somewhat long creative piece of my own, on a topic of my choice. Basically, I’m using this as an excuse to explore a few of my favourite genres and make my to-be-read pile a little larger. This list mostly consists on retelling of classic literature and YA Fantasy, as my project is somewhat those spliced together. I’ve found a few I’m really excited to read, yet I’ll still include those I’ve already read as I’m planning on studying them a little more. Anyways, onto the list!

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