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Top Five Tuesday | Beautiful Book Covers

Although, this isn’t the first time I’ve discussed my obsession with finding the prettiest edition of my favourite books, I believe it’s the first time I’ve explored it as a weekly Top Five. As February is the month of all things heart-eyes and lovely, I thought it would be the perfect time to talk about my first love; books and their beautiful covers. Continue reading “Top Five Tuesday | Beautiful Book Covers”

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August ’18 | Wrap Up

I was hoping August would be a little more productive blog wise, having plans for more rambles and manage a full month streak with my Top Five Tuesday’s. However, due to my mental health this hasn’t been possible. In all honesty, I think this might be the least productive I’ve been all year, which is annoying considering I return to university in September. I’ll try and work on my blog as much as possible, but my Masters will obviously be my priority.  Continue reading “August ’18 | Wrap Up”

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August ’18 | To Read

This month we’re going back to the usual single To Read, compared to last month’s two. There’s a few more titles on there compared to normal, but some books are extremely small so I don’t think it’d take me long to complete them. There is also a few books that aren’t my usual reads, but as I start university again next month, I’ve decided to start my reading early! Continue reading “August ’18 | To Read”

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June ’18 | To Read

As April and May’s reading didn’t exactly go to plan, I’ve decided to scrap it completely and start afresh this June. My TBR has grown quite a bit since and I’m extremely excited to start some new titles. Most of them aren’t as big as what I’d usually read, but after falling into a bit of slump with the stress of university, it’s probably best to start small before building up to more bigger texts.  Continue reading “June ’18 | To Read”

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Top Five Tuesday | Anticipated 2018 Releases

Now that the best and worst of 2017 is out the way, I thought it’d be fun to talk about those coming soon. As someone who’s usually behind on book releases, it’ll also help me look out for some interesting books to read as soon as they’re released. It’d be nice to be in the loop!  Continue reading “Top Five Tuesday | Anticipated 2018 Releases”