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March ’21 | Wrap Up

So, this month I’ve been able to motivate myself a little more to read novels, rather than delving into graphic novels and manga. I’m proud of the progress I’ve made, concentrating on reading a few series in preparation for the Netflix adaptation coming soon and I think it’s worked out perfectly.

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March ’21 | To Read

So, last month I concentrated on graphic novels, wanting to try and boost my stats a little considering I was struggling with my mental health quite a lot. However, I found myself striving to read something more substantial but not being able to figure out what. So, this month, I’m going to try and delve back into my reading challenge full force.

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Top Five Tuesday | YA Tropes I Love

So, this month I’ve delved into a few titles that I wouldn’t usually explore, such as Women’s Literature and Chick Lit, which has opened a few doors to me about tropes that are popular within those genres. As someone who has been in love with the Young Adult genre from a young age, I’ve discovered a lot about what’s popular and not within the genre and so I thought I’d compose a post about some of my favourite tropes within YA. Continue reading “Top Five Tuesday | YA Tropes I Love”

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Telling Tales | Christmas Book Haul 2018

So, this Christmas my family treated me to a wide selection of books; I’ve been completely spoiled. As there’s quite a few, I thought I’d compose a little blog post and give them each their own little moment in the spotlight. They’re not all young adult books this year, surprisingly, but I’ll still give them a mention as I’m so excited to get stuck into them. Continue reading “Telling Tales | Christmas Book Haul 2018”

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Top Five Tuesday | Favourite Character Names (Male)

I adore characters. I have the tendency to become attached to characters the moment I read their names, so I thought I’d dedicate this week to some of my favourite male character names. Some may be protagonists, some antagonists, but I love their names too much to dislike them regardless.  Continue reading “Top Five Tuesday | Favourite Character Names (Male)”

Monthly Posts · Top Five Tuesday

Top Five Tuesday | Female Protagonists (YA)

I feel as if the young adult titles I’m mostly familiar with have the tendency to be extremely male orientated, even in my own novels I seem to resonate more with male narratives than female. Considering I’m currently trapped within the depths of university hell, where both of my current novels have male protagonists, I felt like I should talk about some of my favourite females across young adult literature… and honestly, it was pretty tough.  Continue reading “Top Five Tuesday | Female Protagonists (YA)”

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January ’18 | Wrap Up

January has felt like the fastest and slowest month all at once, and personally I’m glad it’s over. University has started up again, for the last time, and I’m hardly prepared to face the wrath of deadlines again.
However, when books are concerned, it’s been a fairly successful month! I’ve fell in love with new characters, completed one of my favourite series and began reading a few new authors.  Continue reading “January ’18 | Wrap Up”