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Telling Tales | The Bargain Hunting Haul

So, this month I’ve been trying to lessen my book buying habit, however, there’s been some great releases and bargains about. With the promise of only purchasing books if I have a discount or they’re below retail price, I’ve managed to grab a few great titles.

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Telling Tales | The “I’m No Longer In Isolation!” Haul

So, this week I went out with my friend for the first time this year, and needless to say I was very excited to walk into a Waterstones. Then later in the week, I popped into The Works to see what was available. Here’s what I picked up!

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Telling Tales | “The Bookstores Are Open!” Haul

So, today is the day that the bookstores open up again, and found it to be the perfect excuse to purchase a few more for my collection. It has been far too long since I last entered a bookstore and needless to say, I was a little excited. Here’s what I grabbed for myself.

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Telling Tales | POPSUGAR Reading Challenge 2021

So, last year I managed a total of 23 out of 40 for the POPSUGAR Reading Challenge 2020, which was only slightly higher than the previous year. However, this year I’m going to aspire to go a little higher, taking part in the Advanced section in the challenge too. Fingers crossed I smash it! Anyways, here’s the prompts and some ideas for each of the 40 main prompts!

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Telling Tales | 2020 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge RESULTS

So, last year, I managed to achieve over half of the prompts with a total of 22 out of 40. Now, I’m not sure whether this time round I’ll be so successful, admittedly forgetting the existence of this challenge for the majority of the year, but we’ll see!

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Telling Tales | Christmas 2020 Haul

Merry Christmas everyone! Today has been a wonderful day so far, and I’m so looking forward to spending the rest of my day with my family. For now though, I thought I’d quickly pop by to do a little haul post of everything I received this year. I’ve been treated so much! I hope you guys are having a wonderful day too.

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Telling Tales | The £10 Haul

So, my mental health has been deteriorating slightly recently, I’ve not been feeling my best, and I have the tendency to go hunting for bargains when I get like that. I went into my local The Works the other day and I couldn’t stop myself from reaching for some of the more well-known titles from the 3 for £5 selection, grabbing six for myself. I’m super excited to get stuck into these.

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Telling Tales | The “oops, I did it again” Haul

So, this month I’ve been purchasing a lot of books, I will admit that. However, the reason behind it is due to the sheer amount of books that are on sale right now, or that have been released. This time, I managed to spend my Waterstones rewards on a few, managed to get more on sale in HMV and pre-ordered my favourites on Amazon. Anyways, enough of me trying to justify why I treated myself, onto the list!

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