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Telling Tales | 3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge (Day Three)

This is the final post in the 3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge, which I’ve managed to just about complete on time! Thank you for a final time to Lost at The Chronicles of Tick Tock. I’ve had so much fun choosing my favourite quotes and could quite happily keep listing them forever.

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Monthly Posts · Top Five Tuesday

Top Five Tuesday | Best reads of 2018 so far

Considering it’s now nearly mid-way through June, I thought I’d spend this week reflecting on some of my favourite books I’ve read so far this year. I’ve currently read 29 books since January, so there’s quite a few high rated ones to choose from. However, I think I’m happy enough with my decisions. Continue reading “Top Five Tuesday | Best reads of 2018 so far”

Monthly Posts · Wrap Up

January ’18 | Wrap Up

January has felt like the fastest and slowest month all at once, and personally I’m glad it’s over. University has started up again, for the last time, and I’m hardly prepared to face the wrath of deadlines again.
However, when books are concerned, it’s been a fairly successful month! I’ve fell in love with new characters, completed one of my favourite series and began reading a few new authors.  Continue reading “January ’18 | Wrap Up”

Character of the Month · Monthly Posts

Character of the Month (January ’18)| Ronan Lynch

Note: This post may contain spoilers from The Raven Cycle series. 

As another attempt to add to the content created on this blog, I’ve decided to dedicate one of my favourite fictional characters to the month. These posts will probably appear in the middle of each month, giving a few weeks to decide which one I want to talk about, and will include; reasoning for my choice, a little background information, some quotes, and an aesthetics board to accompany the page. Continue reading “Character of the Month (January ’18)| Ronan Lynch”

Monthly Posts · To Read

January ’18 | To Read

As part of my new years resolution, I’ve decided to create more different types of content on this blog, including monthly to-read lists! Thankfully, I’m over halfway of my dissertation reads now, so I’m able to read a lot of books that have been collecting dust on my shelves for a while. There’s not as many on this list as I’d like, but considering deadlines I need to start small so I won’t get too disappointed if I don’t manage them!

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