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Top Five Tuesday | Worst Reads of 2019

This may seem a little mean, however, it’s become a tradition in the New Year to talk about both the good and bad reads of the previous. Thankfully, there wasn’t many books to choose from, the majority having quite high reviews. Nevertheless, there were a few that just didn’t interest me enough. Continue reading “Top Five Tuesday | Worst Reads of 2019”

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February ’19 | Wrap Up

I swear this month has only been about a week long, but its been incredibly productive blog wise. Although, I had a little stumble in the middle, hardly feeling able to pick up a book, I managed to scrap it back at the end. Hopefully, my enthusiasm will continue into March! Continue reading “February ’19 | Wrap Up”

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February ’19 | To Read

After the success of January’s TBR, I thought I’d continue with my jar system. At the beginning of each month I’ll pick three titles out of a jar full of names and those will be my prioritised reading for the month. After that, I’ll start reading any given ARC’s or books that I simply can’t stop thinking about. I was initially a little nervous for this month’s draws, hoping not to get any books that are too bulky considering the slightly shorter time frame, but I’m so happy with the ones I pulled out! I’m hoping to try and complete them quite quickly this month as I feel as if my Audible and Netgalley lists just seem to be getting bigger!
Continue reading “February ’19 | To Read”

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November ’18 | To Read

I’ve decided to dedicate this month entirely to self-care, having lost myself in higher education for so long that I’ve lost the spark of reading. So, every book I’ve put on my reading list this month is one I’m incredibly excited about, wanting to rediscover why I love reading so much in the first place.  Continue reading “November ’18 | To Read”

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Top Five Tuesday | YA Autumn/Winter Releases ’18

With Christmas and 2019 just around the corner, I thought I’d finally update my Top Fives and talk about anticipated releases for the final few months of the year. I’m almost certain I’ve delved into future releases a few times already this year, but they’re my favourite things to talk about on this blog; it’s something to look forward to! Plus, it’s a good opportunity to discover what’s popular at the moment in the world of YA. Continue reading “Top Five Tuesday | YA Autumn/Winter Releases ’18”