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March ’18 | Wrap Up

This month has been admittedly difficult, having struggled with a lot of things in my personal life. After the death of a loved one and my own health problems, it’s impacted a lot on my blogging. However, I’m determined to pick myself back up, dedicating a lot more time to reading and my studies. Thankfully, university has enabled me to have a more time to complete assignments, which means I’ll be able to balance the two things without adding any unnecessary stress.

Outside the world of blogging…

On more positive notes, I think I’ve managed a few milestones in my life, giving me enough hope into thinking that April will be far more successful.

So, this month I’ve:

  • Received an offer for my Masters degree in London. I’ve always been a huge fan of the place and this university has so many great connections. I’ve since accepted the offer and if I get the grades needed in my BA, I’ll be moving there in September!
  • Been discharged from CBT. Since I was a young child I’ve struggled with my mental health, meaning I’ve been receiving medical support on and off for years. However, since starting CBT in January I’ve been partly discharged and given the freedom to put what I’ve learnt into practice. Although, it’s a pretty scary moment, I feel so much better being left to my own devices and exploring everything independently.
  • Became a vegetarian. This has been something that’s been playing on my mind for some time now, but I never thought I’d be able to do it. However, I’ve cut meat out of my diet for around two weeks now and I’ve never felt better. It’s possibly the best decision I’ve made for a long time.
  • Saw Fall Out Boy for the third time. My Mom and I are huge fans and have been since I was younger. We have this little tradition to see them together each time they come to a nearby city and although we aren’t particularly fans of the latest album, it was so much fun spending time together. Plus, they played mostly old songs anyway!

My March Reading Goals

This month’s reading has not gone to plan at all, feeling as if I’d abandoned my pile and read to my mood rather than anything else. However, after finding myself stuck in a sort of slump for around two weeks of March, I’m pretty impressed with the amount I’ve managed to get through. Any progress is progress when not feeling up to picking up a book at all!

Total pages read: 981 (+ 17hrs and 37mins audio)
Current Goodreads progress: 17 (34%) 5 ahead of schedule.
Male Authors: 5 (1/2 of Newt Scamander)
Female Authors: 1 (1/2 of Newt Scamander)
Genres read: Fantasy, Fiction, Childrens, Adventure, Classics, Young Adult, LGBT, Contemporary, Realistic Fiction, Science Fiction, Dystopia, Romance, Crime, Mystery, Short Stories, Magic
Triggers found: Death, Violence, Blood/Gore, Anger, Homophobia, Strong Language, Alcohol, Abuse, Sexual Content, Agoraphobia

Favourite Reads of the Month:

Top Five Tuesdays

After the disappointment of last month, I told myself I’d be more productive with these posts and try to make them more regularly. However, after recent events, they’ve become something I remember Monday night before giving up and promising to try again the next… and repeat.

I don’t think I’ll be able to do much more than this in April either, considering I’m in the process of completing my Bachelors degree right now. So no promises, but I’d like to make this list a little longer by next month’s Wrap Up.

Character of the Month

This month was my first female Character of the Month, having felt a little guilty at the amount of male characters I talk about on this blog. So, I decided to dedicate it to one of my favourite characters as a child and it was really fun to reminisce and remind myself of why she’s a complete badass.


3 thoughts on “March ’18 | Wrap Up

  1. Great wrap up, also…. I saw Fall Out Boy last night in London! They played a good mix of songs considering it was a Mania tour. I surprisingly really like this latest album as I wasn’t the biggest fan of AB/AP.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, that’s awesome! How great were they? :p Yeah, definitely, there wasn’t as many from Mania as I expected. I agree, yeah, AB/AP is one that takes a lot of effort to get into, haha.


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