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April ’20 | Wrap Up

Although, current circumstances means we’ve been having quite a limited lifestyle outside of this blog, online has been booming with content. Even though, I’ve had a few mishaps with timings again, I’ve still managed to create content that I’m proud of.

My April Reading Goals

Reading wise, this blog has been booming. I’ve been completely productive, managing to get well ahead of my reading goal than planned by now and even having time to reread a few of my old favourites.

Total Pages Read: 4,634 (+17hrs 3mins)
Current Goodreads Progress: 38/65 (58%) 17 books ahead of schedule. 
Male Authors: 1
Female Authors: 8
Genres Read: Fantasy, Young Adult, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Fairies, Contemporary, Fiction, Realistic Fiction, Teen, Science Fiction, Dystopia, Romance, Urban Fantasy, Vampires, Angels, Supernatural, Magic, Nonfiction, Biography, Autobiography, Memoir, Historical, Historical Fiction, Mystery, Poetry, LGBT, Health, Mental Health, Sequential Art, Manga, Graphic Novels
Triggers Found: Violence, Strong Language, Torture, Blood/Gore, Death, Alcohol, Racism, Drugs/Alcohol, Murder, Torture, Grief, Sexual Content, Trauma, Kidnapping, Threats, War, Imprisonment, Arson, Body Image, Injury, Mental Health, Mental Illness, OCD, Murder, Mentions of Eating Disorders and Anorexia, Implied Sexual Content

Favourite Reads of the Month:

Top Five Tuesday

Character of the Month

Telling Tales


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