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Character of the Month (July ’18) | Gabriel Boutin

Yet again, I’m late with this month’s post. I’m starting to think I’m subconsciously trying to reschedule when this post should be uploaded. Nevertheless, I’ve decided to stop my little habit I’ve been having of trying to alter the gender of my characters per month and simply talk about whoever I love whenever. Hopefully, this’ll help my scheduling better as I’m not restraining myself when choosing someone each month. Anyways, rambling aside, onto this month’s character! 

Gabriel Boutin | Half Bad Trilogy

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The Half Bad trilogy has a special place in my heart, it managing to give me something positive and interesting to concentrate on while studying my A-Levels in a college I didn’t particularly like. Gabriel’s character in particular, gave me that motivation to finish my first year.

During Half Bad, Gabriel’s character has an aura of mystery about him. Seeming to take his job of caring for Nathan seriously from the start, he had a level of maturity about his character. His relaxed and kind nature made me take a liking to him from the beginning, seeming to be the opposite of Nathan. Although, the pair clashed often at the start, Gabriel took every one of Nathan’s blows in his stride, and soon the pair became closer as the man opened up about his history and interests.

However, the main reason I love Gabriel’s character so much was the reveal of his sexuality and how it was handled afterwards. Towards the climax of the first novel, Gabriel’s interest in Nathan is revealed and left from that point on. There was seemingly no reaction from the characters apart from Nathan, taking it normally and ignoring the fact that a character had an interest in a seemingly heterosexual male character. Gabriel also seemed to take this well, not reacting to Nathan’s realisation and allowing him time to process and make a decision for himself. I loved that. Gabriel’s kind nature was wonderful to read and his understanding of Nathan’s confusion was perfect behaviour. In books two (Half Wild) and three (Half Lost), the pair gradually become more intimate until a relationship is established, and throughout Nathan’s struggles and understanding of his sexuality Gabriel continued to be patient, showing us just how beautiful of a character he is.

Who is Gabriel Boutin?

  • A Swiss-English Black Witch from France.
  • Best friend to Nathan Byrn and future love-interest.
  • Described as very good-looking. He has shoulder length brown hair, hazel eyes (with the Black Witch flecks of gold in them), and olive skin.
  • Gabriel’s parents, Raf and his unnamed mother, divorced when he was young, meaning he was forced to live in both France and Switzerland at different times.
  • At fifteen, his mother was murdered by her boyfriend, and his grandmother blamed his father for her death, leading to a heated argument where the kitchen caught on fire.
  • Gabriel, his younger sister Michele, and Raf then travelled across Europe until they eventually settled in the United States. There, Gabriel resorted to thieving in order to support his family. He doesn’t feel personal guilt, however, but he does not have a kleptomaniac personality type.
  • After his giving ceremony, Gabriel discovered his gift as an extremely powerful shapeshifter. However, this backfired on him. After experimentally turning into a Fain (non-magic/human) version of himself, Gabriel was trapped in that form.
  • He returned home, being informed by Michele of a Witch named Mercury who could help bring his powers back, and planned to visit until her sudden death. He then decided to travel alone.
  • Described as cool-headed and gentle. He smiles often and can make situations light even when they’re not. He is also known to be talkative.
  • Can be sarcastic, but not cruel. He is also known to be violent or mischievous, but only if provoked.
  • Loves literature and poetry, and has been known to write his own. He also enjoys climbing and any other activity that involves being close to nature.

Gabriel Boutin Aesthetic

Favourite Quotes

Gabriel says, “He swears like Nathan, but any uneducated idiot can do that.”
I swear at him now, not sure if he’s joking or not. “Just tell her it’s me, Gabriel.”
He comes to me, puts a hand on my chest and looks into my eyes, saying, “But is it you?” Then he leans closer, his body against mine, and he moves his mouth to my ear and I feel his breath as he whispers, “You’ve been away a long time. Were you lost?”
I turn to him, my lips brushing his hair as I mumble, “I got fucking wounded, bloody lost and climbed the shitting Eiger.”
“Close, but not exactly-“
“I’m sticking to the spirit of it rather than word for word.”
Gabriel turns to Greatorex, saying, “It’s him. But still feel free to shoot him.”
Half Lost

He says in a strong German accent, “Half and half, eh?” 
Nesbitt laughs. “You got that right: half human, half animal.”
Gabriel says, “And always pissed off – though I can’t imagine why when he’s in your company, Nesbitt.”
Half Wild

“Tired?” he asks. 
“Tired – yes. Angry – yes. Pissed off – ninety-nine percent of the time. Fun to be around – never.”
Gabriel smiles. “Who wants fun when you can have interesting?”
Half Wild

He looks at me. His face is dotted with raindrops but I think there are tears too. 
“I love her. I always have. You know that.”
“And me?”
And I know he means how I feel about him and me kissing.
“You’re my friend, Gabriel.”
“Do you kiss all your friends like that?” But he asks it without the harshness of his other questions. It’s a real question. 
“Just you.”
Half Wild

“If you fight then I fight too.”
Half Wild



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